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Question Page

You will navigate through 12 pages of 10 questions each.
For each of the statements enter a number between 1 and 10. Never means that the statement does not describe you at all. Always means that the statement describes you perfectly.

Question #1

I have the ability to organise ideas, resources, time and people effectively.

Question #2

I feel empowered to stand up for Christ in times and situations that are demanding and therefore might be challenging in the way in which faith and the Gospel are received.

Question #3

I enjoy using my artistic or practical talents to produce things that bring glory to God.

Question #4

It is often easy for me to perceive whether a person is honest or dishonest.

Question #5

I naturally identify with and comfort people who are hurting or in need of encouragement.

Question #6

I feel at ease when sharing Jesus with those who do not yet know him.

Question #7

I hold fast to my personal belief in God even in the presence of ridicule, apparent failure, or pain.

Question #8

I can give sacrificially because I know that God will meet my needs.

Question #9

I feel strongly that my prayers for a sick person effect wholeness for that person.

Question #10

When it comes to serving God, no task seems menial or trivial to me.

Question #11

My home is always open to whomever God brings to me.

Question #12

I pick up on people's needs and take them to God in prayer.

Question #13

Because of my eagerness to learn and my thirst for knowledge, I have been able to help others who are struggling with questions and doubts.

Question #14

When I have been in a group lacking organisation, I tend to step in and fill the gap.

Question #15

I feel empathy with and compassion for people who are experiencing problems.

Question #16

I strongly believe that God moves in mysterious ways and can extraordinarily and supernaturally alter circumstances.

Question #17

I am sensitive and open to the need for communicating the Gospel in innovative and effective ways to people from different cultures or backgrounds.

Question #18

I find that the moments I am worshiping and praising God through music are the most meaningful to me.

Question #19

I have a heart to help Christians who have lost their way.

Question #20

Through my study of the Bible I often feel moved to bring messages of hope and inspiration to others.

Question #21

I have the ability to communicate the truths of the Bible in ways that appeal to different sorts of people.

Question #22

I have interpreted for speakers or listeners so as to help others worship God without confusion.

Question #23

I am able to relate the truths of God to specific situations or needs in my church.

Question #24

Sometimes, I express my love for God by writing poems, songs, prayers, devotionals or journal entries.

Question #25

I have successfully guided tasks in my church community by productively and efficiently making plans to accomplish the group's goals.

Question #26

I feel I have been called to go and establish new churches or new spaces where people, who have never heard the gospel, can find faith and come into a saving relationship with Jesus.

Question #27

I like to produce art, video clips, floral arrangements or designs that will communicate the gospel in a creative way.

Question #28

I can sense when a person is acting under God's leadership.

Question #29

It is a joy to be there for people who are discouraged, listening and speaking as the Spirit moves me.

Question #30

I have led others to a decision for salvation through faith in Christ.

Question #31

I am totally convinced God is fulfilling God's purposes, even when it does not seem so yet.

Question #32

God has used me to meet someone's financial, material or other need.

Question #33

I favour praying for and ministering to sick people because many of them have got better as a result.

Question #34

I take action to meet physical and practical needs rather than merely talking about them or planning to help.

Question #35

I enjoy greeting and welcoming people to my church community or my home.

Question #36

I seem to recognize prayer needs before others and take them seriously by adding them to my prayer list.

Question #37

I am able to help others understand difficult portions of God's word.

Question #38

I am able to utilise others' spiritual gifts by delegating tasks in order to accomplish God's work.

Question #39

I have a desire to work with those who have physical or mental problems to alleviate their suffering.

Question #40

Others can point to specific instances where my prayers have resulted in what seems impossible happening

Question #41

I am motivated to leave my comfort zone in order to be able to share Christ with more people.

Question #42

People often tell me that they are spiritually moved when I minister to them through music.

Question #43

I have a God-given ability to help others grow in their faith.

Question #44

Others often let me know that God has spoken to them through the messages I have delivered.

Question #45

Others have told me that I have helped them learn, or better understand, biblical truths.

Question #46

I am able to communicate the gospel in more than one language.

Question #47

Sometimes, God gives me an insight into the proper course of action others should take.

Question #48

I am able to take complex spiritual matters and write them down in a way that others can understand more easily.

Question #49

| serve others by organising and harnessing their gifts to solve a particular problem.

Question #50

I have little fear in creatively and innovatively leading people where God wants us to journey together in discovering faith.

Question #51

I best serve God by working with my hands to make things.

Question #52

When a group is struggling for a way forwards, I seem able to see the difference between truth and error.

Question #53

God has used me to journey with people in encouraging them to live Christ-like lives.

Question #54

I am open to the Spirit's leading as to whether a person is ready to receive Jesus Christ.

Question #55

When faced with outcomes that are against all odds, my continuing hope in God's goodness and mercy is infectious and so inspires others.

Question #56

I cheerfully and generously give of my time, talents or possession in the service of others.

Question #57

Others have told me that my presence, prayers and words bring healing into their lives.

Question #58

I enjoy doing routine tasks that lead to more effective ministry by others.

Question #59

I try to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at social events such as church suppers.

Question #60

I am frequently and persistently praying on behalf of others.

Question #61

Through studying God's word, I am able to organise facts into meaningful relationships that brings insight to others.

Question #62

I am a person who has a clear picture or God-given vision of what God is seeking to achieve and am able to, not only communicate it to others, but help bring it to reality.

Question #63

I enjoy spending time with people on the margins, including people who are socially or physically isolated, imprisoned, and so on.

Question #64

God has used me personally to perform supernatural signs and wonders.

Question #65

I am often able to relate well to people in other age brackets, cultures or groups to which I don't belong.

Question #66

Others have said to me that I have enhanced their worship experience through me using my musical talents.

Question #67

I feel a responsibility for other Christians and so am willing to take the initiative in helping them grow in their faith.

Question #68

I am able to speak with clarity, passion and meaning about what God is up to in this world, according to God's word.

Question #69

I find it energising to study and prepare for the task of teaching others.

Question #70

I have a gift for languages and words that means that, even when I don't know the language, I am able to understand on others' behalf.

Question #71

I can usually see spiritual solutions to problems.

Question #72

Having prayed, studied, worshiped, fasted, or fellowshipped, I feel the need to write about my experiences.

Question #73

I can recognise talents and gifts in others and find ways of using these that results in meaningful work.

Question #74

More often than others, I have seen times and places where God is at work and have the desire to step out and join this work.

Question #75

For me, using my practical skills to make things for the church community is a spiritual experience.

Question #76

I can judge well between the truthfulness and error of a given theological position.

Question #77

I have been able to give confidence to the wavering, the troubled, or the discouraged.

Question #78

I feel called to and able to minister to those who are seeking, rather than established in faith.

Question #79

I am ready to try the seemingly impossible because | have great trust in God.

Question #80

I have a strong sense of stewardship based on the recognition that God owns all things.

Question #81

I enjoy visiting the sick and infirm because I can share God's message of hope, healing, and reconciliation with them.

Question #82

I find the greatest fulfilment and meaning in my Christian journey when I am serving others.

Question #83

I am able to make others feel at ease.

Question #84

My prayer life enables me to be more aware of God's movement in others' lives and respond accordingly.

Question #85

I enjoy going deep with God's word by reading scripture and through studying books that address matters of faith, theology, and the Christian life.

Question #86

It is a thrill to inspire and motivate others to greater involvement in God's mission.

Question #87

I have a particular awareness of the emotions of other people, such as loneliness, pain, fear, and anger.

Question #88

The Holy Spirit leads me to pray for things that seem impossible, but often happen.

Question #89

More than most, I have the ability to move outside my social circle in reaching out to people groups, both at home and abroad, by listening, understanding and relating to them.

Question #90

I enjoy using music to creatively communicate the realities of the Christian faith.

Question #91

I have sensed the need to help other people become more effective in their ministries.

Question #92

I am willing to stand up for God and God's mission in difficult or challenging situations.

Question #93

I devote considerable time to learning new biblical truths in order to be able to communicate them to others.

Question #94

I do not mind learning another language or ministering to a different culture of people in order to bring them the message of salvation.

Question #95

I feel that I often have a special insight in selecting the best alternative in a difficult situation.

Question #96

People say they have been touched spiritually by things I have written.

Question #97

People sometimes look to me for guidance in coordination, organisation, and ministry opportunities.

Question #98

God has used me to bring the gospel to people who had yet to hear what it means to come to know Jesus.

Question #99

I feel compelled to design or create things that can be used in worship, teaching or instruction.

Question #100

God sometimes allows me to sense the true motivation of person and movements.

Question #101

People often come to me for advice.

Question #102

I have been told by others that I possess the ability to communicate the truth of salvation.

Question #103

I have experienced, in a tangible way, moments where God has moved to bring about outcomes that appeared unthinkable.

Question #104

I desire to give generously and unpretentiously to worthwhile projects and ministries.

Question #105

I have been able to bring comfort, reassurance and healing to those struggling with mental, physical or emotional issues.

Question #106

In being aware of the needs of others, I enjoy the opportunity to help those who are facing challenges, experiencing crises or simply cannot cope.

Question #107

When people come to my home, whether I have met them before or not, they often say they feel at home with me.

Question #108

I have grown in my relationships with others because I have been praying for them.

Question #109

Because of my wide range of study resources and because I know how to find things out, I am perfectly at ease in answering others' questions about the Bible.

Question #110

I have the ability to develop progressive programmes and see them through to a successful conclusion.

Question #111

I recognise and am sensitive to the signs that people are stressed or distressed, and I have experienced being able to connect to them on an emotional level when praying or talking with them.

Question #112

People have told me that I was God's instrument to bring supernatural change in lives or circumstances.

Question #113

I have the ability to cross ethnic, social and cultural lines when connecting with others.

Question #114

I have used or am open to using my musical talents in different ways and adopting different musical styles for the purpose of reaching out to others.

Question #115

God has given me the ability to teach and preach in order to give spiritual direction to others.

Question #116

When I speak to others, I am able to bring Bible truths and principles up to date by using everyday applications.

Question #117

I feel I can clearly explain biblical truths to others and see resulting changes in knowledge, values or conduct.

Question #118

I have used my ability to understand different languages to build up others.

Question #119

People who are struggling to make difficult decisions seem to come to me for advice and counsel.

Question #120

I sometimes prefer to write down my thoughts about God rather than speaking them out loud.